Methods of Payments for Thetabiz™ Venetian Masks, Marionettes or Dolls

Methods of Payments

Our preferred method of payment is bank wire transfer however we accept all of the following methods of payments for any purchase of our products:

Credit card processing

We will process almost any credit cards issued world wide. All transactions will be submitted through the secure web server forms.

Bank wire transfer

Our preferred method of payment is by the bank wire transfer. It is usually the cheapest for our customers and the transaction is done in most secure way. The process takes usually 2-3 days depending of the sender's bank.


We will accept checks from your bank or some other institutions. Please contact us to get the confirmation.

Postal money order

We accept postal money orders only to the USA based address through our partner company, which after that has to process funds to our bank account. For this type of payment we have to charge additionally USD 15.

Western Union Money Transfer

We will accept any Western Union Money Transfer. This service is very fast. Citizens of USA and Canada can make a Western Union Money Transfer to their web site.

Money Gram Money Transfer

We accept any Money Gram Money Transfer similarly like the above Western Union. It takes us couple of days to process funds and to transfer them to the bank account. We charge USD 15 for processing any Money Gram Money Transfer.


This and also other Internet currencies are some of fastest payments that can be done. We will thus process any E-gold payment very fast and try to deliver the product in the same day. We offer 3% discount for any payment by E-gold.


e-Bullion® is instant, real-time currency for international commerce. In just minutes, you can send and receive irrevocable payments from anyone, anywhere on the globe! We accept E-bullion for Venetian Masks and Marionettes.